We are a family owned and operated business, so we know all about the importance of keeping you and your loved ones safe and secure. At Cleveland Locksmiths we are specialists in home security solutions. Whether you need a full security upgrade with the latest technology, a new lock for the front door, a key cut or a safe to keep your precious memories, we have you covered. 

Whole of house security and vulnerability audit

You simply cannot take a chance on the safety of your family and your precious belongings. If you haven't reviewed the security in your home in the last five years, then you could be at risk. Cleveland Locksmiths offers a free audit on your home security. We go through the the whole premises and provide you with a range of low cost, high quality options to keep your home and everyone you love safe and secure. 

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Locksmith services

Whether it's a new lock for your new home, an upgrade to the locks on your windows or a repair to a lock that just isn't working anymore you can trust that we have you covered. 

Our police checked, fully qualified technicians know how to help keep your family safe and secure. From key cutting, to door lock installation to state of the art keyless entry and digital locks, you can rest easy that you have done the best for your family. 


We all have valuables of sentimental or financial worth that we need to keep secure. Cleveland Locksmiths offers a range of safes from the your walk in vault to a small depository safe. We can install and service this as needed. 

Perhaps you have an old safe that has been sitting there for the past twenty years and you can't remember what's in there? Our specialist qualified safe technicians can help you get into that safe and get back into action for you in next to know time. 

Many homes now are located in high fire risk areas. Cleveland Locksmiths offer a range of fire resistant safe options for you to ensure that those valuables are safe in the advent of a fire. 

Garage Door Remotes

There is nothing worse than coming home from a hard day at work and pressing the key on your garage remote to find out it's not working, no matter how hard and for how long you press that button. Rest assured we can help you get in that garage in no time. Our expert locksmiths know how to program a new garage remote for you and keep your car safe and sound. We can also easily organise a spare remote for when guests come to stay. 

Trust the experts to keep what you hold most dear safe and sound. 

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